April 3 News: World Bank President Calls Climate Change A ‘Fundamental Threat’ To Economic Development


Jim Yong Kim, the head of the World Bank, said that we need to curb climate change immediately or we will leave behind “an unrecognizable planet” for our children and grandchildren. [Washington Post] World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on Tuesday said climate change was a “fundamental threat” to global economic development as he called for a major new push to reduce extreme poverty over the next 17 years. … “If we do not act to curb climate change immediately, we will leave our children and grandchildren an unrecognizable planet,” Kim said. “It is the poor, those least responsible for climate change and least able to afford adaptation, who would suffer the most.” His comments are part of an emerging push by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to focus on climate change — something that IMF managing director Christine Lagarde on Tuesday said puts global financial stability “clearly at stake.” The Attorney General of Arkansas has opened a probe into the Exxon tar sands pipeline spill in Mayflower. [CNN] People want political leaders to do something about climate change. [Washington Post] The consulting firm the State Department used to say that the Keystone pipeline is safe also said that that a pipeline project in Peru was safe, until it corroded and exploded multiple times. [DeSmogBlog] Column: President Obama should talk about climate change because Republicans frequently think it’s a hoax and the news media ignores the topic too frequently. [Washington Post] The Environmental Protection Agency will update the defined rate at which various greenhouse gases are calculated to warm the planet to comply with more recent science. [Bloomberg BNA] Some groups are suing to force coal companies such as BNSF to at least cover the open-topped train cars full of coal as they are shipped around the Pacific Northwest — shipments that would increase with a busy coal export terminal. [Seattle Times] Rust –iron oxide — could help cheaply produce hydrogen from water for use in energy storage. [Earth Techling] BMW is trying to reduce fears of “range anxiety” when unveiling its new all-electric i3 by offering free access to a gas-powered secondary car for long trips. [Time] Exploding nuclear waste: the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board warned that an unfinished nuclear waste treatment plant at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation cleanup site in Washington State has serious design problems. [New York Times] A new report confirms what has been said for a while: that climate change is making extreme events in Australia worse. [Guardian] The government of British Columbia is freezing its carbon tax for five years despite a planned modest increase. [Vancouver Sun]

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